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My name is Azad Gholami and I am born in Marivan city. One of the most beautiful cities in Iran and Kurdistan province, with a really beautiful climate and a very beautiful nature, so beautiful that it tells you the lost paradise of Iran!

I was born September 23, 1986

Since childhood, I have been working with gypsum under the supervision of the best masters of the world, my great father, besides learning plastering, I was studying and I graduated with a degree in mathematics from physics, from the same time I was interested in drawing and painting. I liked to interweave design with my plasterwork and since 2006 I have been completely specialized in the art of plastering.
I’ve done work in most cities in Iran and my customers were really happy.
Most of the projects I have done are based on my own designs, and I have inspired a number of classical and European designs based on the customer’s requirements, and I’ve done my orders with my client’s designs.

You can see more in the portfolio section. I am not alone and have a very experienced and skilled team, and I also have a painter’s professor who brings a fresh emotion to her work with her beautiful colors.

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