We gave a new ghost to the plaster !

 We are not claiming to be first, but We are the best …

Our rival , Only ourselves

We bring a new spirit to your dream home

Our goal is always to provide a great and beautiful job

And the full satisfaction of the dear employer

Speed on project implementation

The speed of implementation and completion of each project is a very important criterion that should be considered in each project.

Our art group, with an experienced team, does this by dividing the work as soon as possible, and at the same time we execute each project in full and we try to complete the projects before the specified time and so far ever We have succeeded in this.


Skilled and experienced staff

Large projects are not solitary work and require teamwork. The team must be skilled and co-ordinating; otherwise, completing a perfect project is impossible.

The Azad Artistic Group is able to complete highly professional projects with a skilled team that has already completed many projects with elegant elegance over the years.

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Different style

Architecture and interior design are very diverse in the world. Each country, according to its history and past, has a special style

We have the ability to perform any kind of style.

From classic to modern ones

Choose any plan, we will execute it


Choose designs

You can choose any design you like

You can use classical and traditional Persian and European and modern styles

We have a collection of hundreds of diverse and unique designs that you can choose from.
We run it

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A few of the our portfolio


gorgan project

Project view

kermanshah project

Project view

kerman project

Project view

marivan , kurdistan Province

Project view
ali abad

ali abad, Gorgan Province

Project view

rafsanjan, Kerman Province

Project view
48+ Completed Projects
18+ Cities
135+ Styles Done
100+ Customer Satisfaction